Procedure of the Membership

While graces are won for the members of the Archconfraternity through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, nonetheless the processing and mailing of the certificates is an important part of the work. Here is a short overview of the procedure.

1. On the 14th of each month, Rev. Father Michael Mary, C.SS.R. (or his delegate) reviews incoming applications and contributions.
      reviewing applications
2. Father passes the applications on to the secretariat of the Archconfraternity who enters all names and data in our registers.
  names entered in register
finishted certificates  
3. Once all information has been entered, the certificates are printed. Every certificate is given a unique reference number. This reference number can be found at the bottom of every certificate next to the signature. These numbers should be cited when submitting any questions or difficulties regarding the membership.
4. Finally, the certificates are posted out to the members.
  Brother mails out the certificates'


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