Plan of the Archconfraternity


What is the plan of the Purgatorian Archconfraternity? It is that its members undertake to enter into arrangements whereby the Holy Mass is offered for them every day while they are living and after they are dead. They put an emphasis on praying for the souls in Purgatory in general and especially for the deceased members of the Archconfraternity. They also sponsor new members according to their means.
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Active and Passive members

The members of the Archconfraternity may be classed as either active or passive. We may call active those members who make the enrolment of themselves and who sponsor others by enroling them in the Archconfraternity. Those who are the passive members, so to speak, are those who have been enrolled by active members. The passive members may be dead or living. Members may be enrolled for one year only or in perpetuity. One year’s enrolment means that the Mass will be offered for them daily for a year; perpetual members will have the Mass offered for them daily until the end of time. All active members receive a certificate for themselves and those whom they have enrolled.

Names Noted in Book

In the monastery the names are written into the Archconfraternity registers. Then every single day the Holy Sacrifice is offered up for the members by one of the Redemptorist priests. One generation of priests will succeed the next and every day the Holy Sacrifice will be offered for those souls who are the members. This was the plan proposed to the popes by the Redemptorist Rector Major. This was the plan to which the Holy Fathers Gregory XVI and Blessed Pius IX gave their personal patronage. And the plan worked well until the crisis in the 1960s when altars were abandoned and the Eternal Sacrifice was all but eclipsed.

Acts to be performed by members

Each member of the Archconfraternity should also at least occasionally perform some acts of devotion for the relief of the suffering souls; if a layman, he might have a Mass said for them, or make the Stations of the Cross, or say the Rosary, or assist at Mass with this intention, or offer up a Communion; if he is a priest, he might offer the Holy Sacrifice. This is not obligatory upon the members under the pain of sin, but it is requisite to gain the indulgences. All further suffrages, works, etc., are left to the discretion of the members, but all should consider it a pious duty to assist the suffering souls as much as possible by prayers, devotions, or other good works.


  1. Ten pounds (£10) is the annual contribution. (FOR CONTRIBUTIONS APPLICABLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES PLEASE SEE THE TABLE BELOW.) This contribution may be paid as often as one wishes to do so; and when the offerings have reached the sum of one hundred pounds (£100) the membership becomes perpetual and continues after death. The offering for perpetual membership may be paid at once.
  2. Living as well as deceased persons are eligible to be made members at any time during the year. The year begins on the day of enrollment.
  3. When contributions are renewed, the certificate of membership should be presented, in order to find the name in the register.
  4. The members should seek to assist the souls in Purgatory by their prayers and good works, and especially by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They should strive to promote this charitable devotion in others.

Contributions U.K. U.S. Eur. Aus./N.Z. India
Annual Individual Membership £10 $15 €15   $15 Rs.350
Perpetual Individual Membership £100 $150 €150   $150 Rs.3500
Annual Family Membership £25 $35 €35   $35 Rs.750
Perpetual Family Membership £250 $350 €350   $350 Rs.7500



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